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From its inception, the BAIK ART Residency (B.A.R.) has served as a platform to connect artists from varying nations, disciplines, and ideological backgrounds. With international collaboration at its core, each residency revolves around artist-led projects or research and arts non-profits, who along with Baik Art, hosts each candidate.

BAIK ART presents Talk Through the Hand, an outdoor wall work by Los Angeles artist Elana Mann who, for this project, adopts an image from the domain of sound— conversational and musical— through the suggested action of listening.

Mann has proposed an instrument that illuminates both the political attempts to constrain public speech and the resilience of the human voice to prevail against all odds.

Sung Neung Kyung

Sung Neung Kyung’s daily practice of art has escaped critical notice, yet he has been active for much longer and his influence is felt more widely than many realize. Sung’s conceptual actions, documented through photographs and performance artifacts, reflect his decades-long interest in everyday moments of exchange between people in a social context. He seeks out “something that is not yet art,” the daily action that “seems to be nothing” as raw material for his artistic practice. These small gestures create a “mosquito noise” by activating everyday elements of behavior into a resonant, politically charged buzz.

Scharf Schak

BAIK ART Seoul is pleased to present Kenny Scharf’s Scharf Schak which took place in Seongsu dong, Seoul Korea from November 7th – December 25th, 2021.

In this exhibition visitors are able to experience a new rendition of the notorious Scharf Schak.

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Conversation Live

Artists Elliott Hundley and Entang Wiharso discuss the commonalities in their works, which explore contemporary political, social, cultural, and religious myths.

Painter Hundley discusses the influence of literary references in his work and his approach to creating two-dimensional space in individual works and installations.

Mixed media artist Wiharso describes the conditions of his early practice in a time of political unrest in Indonesia, and the subtle codes he developed to describe that condition in images and materials.

This conversation took place February 11th, 2021 at 9:00am PST


BAIK ART Los Angeles is pleased to present Re-Verb, a group exhibition including works by Tim Ebner, Carol Kaufman, Lies Kraal, Ross Rudel, Linda Stark, and Roy Thurston.

This collection of work highlights a historically prolific group of Los Angeles based artists, whose artworks have helped influence the now indicative aesthetics and ethos of Southern Californian art. Drawing from traditions of light-and-space and west-coast-minimalism, these artists implement clean lines, reductive shapes, and pristine surfaces to produce objects that advance conversations around contemporary painting.

On Evenness

BAIK ART is pleased to present On Evenness, an exhibition by Park Kyung Ryul which aims to challenge the fundamental conceptions of painting and art-historical tradition.

Anxiously Optimistic

BAIK ART is pleased to present Anxiously Optimistic, the gallery’s first solo show for Los Angeles based artist, Kenny Scharf.

As a young artist living in New York during the 1980s, Scharf and other artists of his generation, such as Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat, were drawn to working beyond the contexts of the traditional gallery space. Whether it be public murals, consumer goods, or renditions of popular animated characters, Scharf has always sought to keep his work relatable and accessible to anyone hoping to experience it.

Like Warhol before him, Scharf became known for merging high and lowbrow aesthetics and has since established a tradition of incorporating pop-culture signifiers into his paintings.


BAIK ART is pleased to present OO, an exhibition of new sculptures by Los Angeles artist, Ross Rudel.

Ross Rudel’s contemplation of the metaphysical realm anchors itself to an environmental omnipresence. Lifeless organic matter is reborn as gendered sculpture and fallen branches are whittled into increments of time.

Rudel’s recent works reflect his life-long relationship with the natural world and the clashing interventions of societal conduct. The artist’s continued focus on transforming found plant material into anthropomorphic signifiers, is a process that highlights mankind’s disconnect from the celestial, biological, and spiritual cycles from which we originate.

My Own Blind Spots

Inhwan Oh’s My Own Blind Spots couples video surveillance with a meditation on the order of seeing and being seen to reveal processes of social and cultural subversion synced across two galleries: Commonwealth and Council and BAIK ART.

How do we disavow social norms to navigate difference? How do we feel out the margins of visibility and find parallel spaces for othered communities to exist and thrive? Oh calls this the cultural blind spot—a psychic space that sustains and nurtures difference while allowing the individual to perform in mainstream society. A kind of overlay one may access through a gap in the surveilling view, the transition marked by a switch in perspective, the fruition of queer spaces—transient but always prevalent, organized by word-of-mouth—in cities where homosexuality is illicit.

Photos of Korea

BAIK ART is pleased to present Han Youngsoo: Photographs of Korea, 1956-1963, curated by Claudia Bohn-Spector.

This exhibition marks the first time the critically acclaimed South Korean photographer has been featured in Los Angeles in over thirty years.

Presented in close collaboration with the Han Youngsoo Foundation in Seoul, Korea, this rare opportunity will offer a glimpse of Han’s vintage work, which has never before traveled outside of Korea.


BAIK ART is pleased to present Michael Brewster: Frequency, an exhibition featuring works and ephemera by the late artist, Michael Brewster.

This installation largely reflects works produced early-on and late in Brewster’s career with reference to a group show at F-Space gallery in 1971 and a subsequent solo show at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in 2002. Reflecting on the artist’s lifelong examination of sound and space, Frequency, pairs five works with various hand-drawn schematics, and archival materials to illustrate Brewster’s methodical practice, and his lasting contributions to Southern California’s artistic canon.

As one can surmise from the title Absence and Distance, the exhibition presented by BAIK ART is about two artists that make a connection through a “project-exhibition”. Their personal history and identity meet and intersect despite being strangers from different cities (LA and Seoul) and cultural backgrounds.

In Flux

BAIK+KHNEYSSER is pleased to present In Flux, a group exhibition that took place at the Little City Farm LA – 1148 South Victoria Ave LA CA 90019, Los Angeles, US, September 25 – October 7, 2021, in collaboration with Namu Home Goods and GOBI.


BAIK ART presents Carrier, a solo exhibition by Dutch-Indonesian (Yogyakarta based) artist Mella Jaarsma, whose handmade garments (“flexible housings”), drawings, and photographs explore the hairline links between the stability of tradition and the exploration of new worlds.

Carrier addresses some of the central questions that arise when one assigns cultural identity to objects such as costumes and cloaks or when one assumes authority over others by creating division between one thing and another—one style and the next.

For the purpose of this exhibition, the self-personality is observed by a different delegated ‘other’ self, sometimes resembling a (refugee) tent in attendance as decision maker.

Working On Paper - Elliott Hundley

BAIK ART SEOUL is pleased to present Elliott Hundley’s first solo exhibition in Korea, Working On Paper, 종이와 대화하면서, May 20 – June 19, 2021.