Baik Art Gallery

EYE-DEE-QUE (Something Like an Asclepeion)

JANUARY 9 – FEBRUARY 13, 2016 | PRESS RELEASE | Matt Wardell


Baik Art presents EYE-DEE-QUE (Something Like an Asclepeion), a solo installation and series of events by Los Angeles artist Matt Wardell.

For the exhibition, Wardell will present an immersive environment of images and objects by channeling ʻsomething likeʼ an ancient Greek temple of healing. Using Baik Artʼs unique architecture, viewers experience a literal (and perhaps figurative) katabasis (ʻto go downʼ as in a descent of some type), but more importantly, and ideally, a catharsis (ʻcleansingʼ or ʻpurificationʼ).


Matt Wardell seeks to prolong a sense of wonder and place the viewer in a lingering position of active assessment. He is interested in how we choose to live and introducing work that facilitates these investigations. Wardell enjoys walking on fences, answering wrong numbers, and giving directions to places he does not know. Uncomfortable laughter, confusion, and irritation tend to be by-products of Wardellʼs works.