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YERIN (b. 1988)
Neo-pop artist Yerin has worked professionally as a fashion designer, graphic designer, and creative director for the past ten years. Yerin developed an original textile pattern based on the rotunda staircase of The Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art. She envisioned herself as a fine artist while working with renowned photographer Mario Testino for PearlLam Gallery in Hong Kong as the chief designer for a cosmetic brand.

During her second solo exhibition, Hide and Seek, BeauBeau will be the emotional interpreter of everyone, while at the same time tuning into the artist’s inner truth. It is by resorting to painting as a self-remedy that the Neo-pop artist is able to endure inherent ambivalence and avoid being biased.

With a strong focus on paintings, Yerin hopes to reach as many people as possible through collaborations and various media while maintaining a Neo-pop style accessible to all.