Baik Art Gallery

Yang Jung Uk


Yang Jung-uk performs an enormous, subtle, mechanical, narrative, cryptic, structural and lyrical art. His sculpted materials, kinetic sculptures, and installation art draw out the void within ordinary people by reflecting universal human sentiments amidst the standardization of contemporary society. Jung Uk Yang’s work deals with narratives of individuals that he encounters in life, illustrated as mechanical installations using wood, thread, and motors.

Starting in 2008, Yang Jung-uk began to construct a three-dimensional structure with small wooden rods knotted with strings, carefully assembled like anatomical joints. These complex and multifaceted structures of Yang Jung-uk fall within the category of kinetic art. Referencing people’s basic, everyday lives, Yang Jung-uk’s works do not stand as fragments, but as functioning mechanisms of a collective narrative. These narrative devices manifest as audiovisual aspects of theater stages and scenarios of a drama in which light and shadows, sounds and movements are combined to create an “image-story”.



Jan 10 - Feb 20, 2018


May 19 - Jul 28, 2018