Baik Art Gallery




Novo is an artist who candidly weaves his life experiences into his body of work across various genres. Raised in a time characterized by uniformity and dullness, he felt a yearning for diversity. He has persisted in his artistic pursuits, drawing inspiration from the objects that surround him, as if those objects were talking to him. For Novo, drawing his cherished objects is akin to creating a self-portrait, which is why he continues to collect things that bring him joy. He contemplates the surroundings with a warm gaze and translates the objects in the three-dimensional world onto his canvas through compositions with varied colors and sensual forms, elevating the ordinary into the extraordinary.  


He blends his imagination with the objects observed from various perspectives and recreates them on his canvas. By viewing respective objects from above, below, and laterally at different times, he freely separates and paints as if cutting and pasting them like a collage. This results in an artwork that portrays a wide range of objects captured from different viewpoints, evoking a personal, distinctive, and unique image. Through extensive observation over a long period of time, the original colors and shapes of objects are transformed into a work that embodies his unique sensibility and imagery. As a result, his work cannot be defined just as a still- life, but rather it is a new form of figurative painting.

He does not comply with one style or category but always tries to expand them. His collaborations with choreography scene design and various brands show his passion for challenging existing ideas and developing conversations with the audiences.