Baik Art Gallery


FEBRUARY 28 – APRIL 4, 2015 | PRESS RELEASE | Gwon Osang


Baik Art presents New Structure, a solo exhibition of three-dimensional work by Seoul-based artist Osang Gwon whose art voices the ever-changing roles of photography and sculpture.

The exhibition will consist of large floor-bound sculptures that embody the artist’s idea of “deodorizing” the historical odor photography by filtering it through the third dimension. Two sizeable works are composed of images that have been fused onto several interconnected aluminum plates, which rest on the ground. In another life-sized figurative work the viewer is guided beneath the photo-surface of body forms to explore the deeper meaning of being human. Gwon’s sculptures demonstrate how the objects and events in daily life can change when some of the information that identifies a thing is discarded then recreated using a new complex system.


Osang Gwon (b. 1974) is an artist from Seoul, South Korea, who received his MFA from Hongik University. He began his career with his Deodorant Type series, which capture his subjects in life-size, 3-dimensional forms sculpted from a material called iso-pink, as well as hundreds of photographs that attempt to capture the totality of his models. Gwon has been widely recognized for his innovative use of photography and his pragmatic, yet radical consideration of the sculptural medium. The Deodorant Type series challenge the boundaries of medium specificity in our increasingly immaterial culture of digitalized efficiency. The unified compositions of these hundreds of photographs not only mimic the structure of our optics, but also remind us of the fact that we are bombarded by thousands of images in our everyday lives.