Baik Art Gallery

Kim Eull


Kim Eull’s paintings, drawings and box constructions echo the good-humored, playful, and tragic emotions that guide his daily conduct and influence ambition. He portrays consciousness through lighthearted mixed-media works that express complex human insecurities and convictions by using teardrop motifs, cryptic marks on paper, character figures and written words. His artworks defend individualized destiny by blending insight, observation and wit with actual everyday occurrence.

Drawing is at the center of Kim Eull’s art practice. He sees the spirit of drawing as an attitude rather than a form that derives meaning from the traditions of its medium. He is among the generation of Korean artists to separate from the customs and routine practices of their predecesors. His interest in both figurative and investigational drawing has connected him with an inner life, which has inadvertently helped him to see the outer world more clearly. His drawings are like a compilation of carefully recorded journals that capture both worlds.



June 15 - Sept 8, 2018