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JOY (b. 1991)
Joy Kim has been interested in a variety of art fields since he was young. Ever since he encountered street art, he went to art highschool, however soon disappointed in their curriculum limiting the individual creativity. After graduation, inspired by his trip to Europe, he studied film in college in the US. His career as an artist began through social media, majorly based in NYC. Having exhibitions with David Zwiner and Sotheby’s, the artist is actively communicating through his art and getting spotlights as an emerging artist.

The artist does not simply view art as a tool for expression or a kind of language. He utilizes art as a medium to convey liveliness. The artist describes this as an “implementation of the spirit of the contemporary time” by saying that every moment in human life is meaningful. Recording these moments, the artist naturally communicates with people as a process. Through his work, the artist wants to remind us of the joy of relaxation to our sick minds overwhelmed with social issues we are experiencing in contemporary times.