Baik Art Gallery

Jonathan Hadipranata


Visual artist, Jonathan Hadipranata‘s work is inspired by anime cartoons from his childhood. However, his work has a rather weighty concept behind it, and his child-like characters are portrayed with their mouths taped against dark and light backgrounds. These paintings are driven by his emotions and love for storytelling, symbolising his experience and view of society in which we are often unable to speak up or be our true selves.

In April 2021, Hadipranata held his first-ever solo exhibition Hide Under the Table, Medel Gallery Shu, Tokyo. The show subsequently launched his career as an artist and has shown his works in other parts of the world, including a solo exhibition in Seoul, group exhibitions in London, Berlin, and participating in Art Taipei in Taiwan.

In 2014, he went to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Development degree. After almost two years of honing his foundational skills in the school, he has returned to Indonesia.