Baik Art Gallery

Domestic Ritual

April 17 – April 25, 2021 | PRESS RELEASE | Mella Jaarsma, Elana Mann, Tofer Chin, Kadar Brock, Nancy Kwon, Jinju Lee, and Ryo Naruse


BAIK+KHNEYSSER is pleased to present Domestic Ritual, a group exhibition at The Little City Farm LA – 1148 South Victoria Ave LA CA 90019, Los Angeles, US, April 17-25, 2021.

“We can define rituals as symbolic techniques of making oneself at home in the world. They transform being-in-the-world into a being at home. They turn the world into a reliable place. They are to time what a home is to space: they render time habitable. They even make it accessible, like a house.” -Byung Chul Han, The Disappearance of Ritual: A Topology of the Present

Performing a ritual helps us reconnect with ourselves, our surroundings, and with one another. More importantly, rituals are a way of instilling meaning amidst the chaos of contemporary life. Against the backdrop of the countless challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on, Domestic Ritual invites the viewer to reflect on their personal relationship with rituals.