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Asmo Adji (b. 1995, Jakarta, Indonesia) is a self-taught artist who mainly works on painting and sculpture. Born and raised in a humble environment, Asmo started his artistic practice by sketching the sceneries around him, turning them into expressive lines on paper. He then reinterprets those sketches into three-dimensional format, combining new materials and found objects. Asmo has participated in various exhibition in Indonesia, such as Urban Harmoni Drawing Exhibition, Talenta Pop Gelley, Plaza Indonesia (2022), Membingkai Ulang Basoeki Abdullah, Museum Basoeki Abdullah (2021), 30×30 Art for the Earth, Thee Huis Gallery, Taman Budaya Jawa Barat, Bandung (2020). Asmo was one of the finalists of the 7th Bandung Contemporary Art Awards.