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Ross Rudel

Nov 11, 2017 – Jan 31, 2018 | press release | catalogue





Baik Art is pleased to present OO, an exhibition of new sculptures by Los Angeles artist, Ross Rudel.

Ross Rudel’s contemplation of the metaphysical realm anchors itself to an environmental omnipresence. Lifeless organic matter is reborn as gendered sculpture and fallen branches are whittled into increments of time. Rudel’s recent works reflect his life-long relationship with the natural world and the clashing interventions of societal conduct. The artist’s continued focus on transforming found plant material into anthropomorphic signifiers, is a process that highlights mankind’s disconnect from the celestial, biological, and spiritual cycles from which we originate.







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As a teenager in the seventies Ross Rudel had a persistent preoccupation with altered states of consciousness, which led to ritualistic experimentations, later to spiritual endeavors and most recently to extreme engagements with nature. He spent long stretches of time wandering alone in the mountains of Joshua Tree National Park. The desert purged and saturated his mind, alternately, constantly. Full moon nights he runs in Griffith Park, often naked. The combination of endorphins, sensory deprivation and fear generates a mental state in which even the most mundane observations become revelatory.

These experiences have led him to create objects that call into question assumptions about perception. He aims to subvert purity, purify subversions, mess with gravity, and represent uncanny situations that he encounters in life. As an object making sensualist his quest is to pursue and harness intangibles when he finds them. Inherently disjointed, the installations Ross creates are connected by a thread of lineage, a continual search for revelation.

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