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  • Mithu Sen
  • Aliansyah Caniago
  • Mella Jaarsma
  • Dao Tung
  • Yang Jung Uk
  • Marco Rios
  • Heri Dono
  • Christine Nguyen
  • Lee Wan
  • Ahmad Zakii Anwar
  • Young Jin Han
  • Choi Tae Hoon
  • Indieguerillas

Jan 10 – Feb 20, 2018
Opening Reception
January 10, 6 — 8 pm (Wednesday)
BAIK Art, Seoul
42 Palpan-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03054 Republic of Korea

Press Release

Baik Art is pleased to present Henosis, a show highlighting works by artists of the Baik Art Residency program [BAR]. This exhibition will be on display from January 10, 2018, through February 20, 2018. An opening reception will be held on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, from 6 pm – 8 pm at Baik Art Seoul located at, 42 Palpan-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03054.

BAR has dedicated itself to the exchange of ideas and practices among the culturally diverse artists and scholars who have participated each year since 2011. This internationally based collective has since hosted over 20 artists in various cities around the world including Seoul; Mexico City; Jogja; North Carolina; and Los Angeles.

The exhibition aims to capture the collaborative ethos of the program through resulting works and quotations from the former artists-in-residence. From kinetic sculpture to painting and performance, the artists’ diverse approaches and backgrounds echo one another to provide us with a prevailing snapshot of intercontinental art production. With contributions from over 15 artists and academics, this exhibition focuses on global narratives relating to cultural intersectionality, collaborative practice, and international socioeconomic impacts.

The connections formed between this seemingly unlikely cohort reveals an understanding of current issues and post-modern phenomena that is unhindered by geographical borders, local art markets, or cultural archetypes. Instead, the works focus on the limitless histories and inspirations that the artists have taken on as a result of their unusual submersion into “foreign” surroundings.

Special thanks to all the artists, curators, critics, and academics who have aided in providing content for this show and the Baik Art Residency catalogs. Works within the exhibition include contributions from Mithu Sen, Aliansyah Caniago, Mella Jaarsma, Dao Tung, Yang Jung Uk, Marco Rios, collaborative works by Heri Dono and Christine Nguyen, and a Poem by Lee Wan. Quotations and essays are courtesy of John Tain; Lia Newman; Choi Tae Man; Ahmad Zakii Anwar; Young Jin Han; Choi Tae Hoon; Indieguerillas; Deanna Grayson; and Peter Frank.

Mithu Sen

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