Past Wall

Power Grid Plus One


  • Dane Picard

Jan 9 – Mar 26, 2016
2600 S. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca 90034

Press Release

Baik Art presents Power Grid Plus One, an outdoor wall work by Los Angeles artist Dane Picard who, for this project, comments on the division between the natural and built worlds. Grounded in his ongoing interest and conflict with things technological, and how present-day technology is affecting our biological and geological world environments, Picard has created an image that signals the multiplicity of choices and perspectives that occupy this moment in time. While utilizing the image of a single canary to symbolize the gentler side of the natural world, he uses representations of electrical outlets set in the form of a gridded code to depict civilization’s thorny impact on nature. The result is a composite drawing that is emblematic of both domains made for Picard’s audience to consider. Some individual viewers might conclude that factory-made objects have the greatest value within a global capitalist economy, while others may feel that human output has cluttered the natural world by contaminating the collective mind with physical debris.

The work, which faces La Cienega Boulevard at the southeast corner of Venice and La Cienega Boulevards in Los Angeles, is the third in Baik Art’s series of outdoor project walls. Norm Laich of L.A. Design Signs executed the painting of the piece with his professional partner Lou Wilson. Picard’s project will be on view from January 9 until March 26, 2016. The wall is the companion piece to a limited edition of 25 silkscreen prints designed by Dane Picard and produced by Maggie Lomeli of Gray Area Print in Los Angeles.

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Dane Picard