TALK THROUGH THE HAND | Elana Mann | April 16 - July 16, 2016 | press release




Artist info:

Elana Mann creates artwork that brings a greater consciousness to the listening and speaking we practice in everyday life. Her artwork bridges sculpture, performance, community engagement, and politics.


Baik Art presents A List of the Sounds That Have Reverberated Through My Body, a limited edition of 25 archival silkscreened prints and 5 APs by Los Angeles artist Elana Mann. The print shares its debut with Mann's latest outdoor wall project that was on view from April 16 to July 16, 2016.

Elana Mann has adopted a message that represents her ongoing interest in the action and transfer of listening. It connects to her diverse art practice - a pool of collages, performances, videos, and sculptures, which carry observations and visual commentary related to the perception of sound. Her work sometimes promotes resistance to social conformity and corporate greed while encouraging positive personal action, Mann's new print edition (her first) picks up on the expressive nature of the question: How does sound connect to a listener? Does it shake the soul and elevate a hearer, or does it contain sentiment that reflects on the listener's subjugation?

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What Does Listening Look Like?
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