Baik Art Gallery

Susan Baik


Baik Art founder, Susan Baik, has been involved in the international art scene for nearly two decades and has helped foster artist-led initiatives in Seoul, Singapore, Jakarta, and Los Angeles. Originally a director of AndrewShire Gallery in 2002, Susan has been working with artists in Asia over the duration of her career, long before Asia took center-stage within the international arts community.

After her departure from AndrewShire Gallery, Susan Baik founded Baik Art as a sole proprietor in late 2014. The gallery’s initial brick-and-mortar locations at 2600 S. LaCienega Blvd, Los Angeles & 42 Palpan-gil, Seoul, served as incubators for international art-focused collaborations, residency programs, public art initiatives, community lectures, group shows, and solo exhibitions. Susan Baik maintained the gallery for nearly six years before working with her team to re-imagine the company as a digital & open-sourced cultural network where artists, curators, collectors, and industry professionals could contribute towards a global living archive and e-commerce network. Baik Art continues to uphold the gallery’s original mission statement and preserves its commitment towards cultural betterment, inclusivity, and community building while forging new paths that re-examine the role of an arts organization moving forward.


Gallerist Susan Baik interviews artist Chandraguptha Thenuwara.
Van Every/Smith Galleries | 2017 Baik Art Residency