Past Residency

Yang Jung Uk at 18th Street Santa Monica


  • Yang Jung Uk

May 1 — 30, 2018
18th Street, Santa Monica

Press Release

Korean artist Yang Jung Uk discovers stories from daily experience and turns them into sculptural forms inspired by poems and novels with lyrical movements. Daily experiences are extended in the artist’s thoughts and by gaining rhythmic energy, displayed in empathic language. Yang Jung Uk has shown solo exhibitions at Domaine de Kerguéhennec (2017, France), Doosan Gallery (2015, New York), and the OCI Museum of Art (2015, Seoul). He was awarded in the 35th Joong-Ang Art competition and was selected in the 2017 Sindo SINAP. He is married to artist Kim Nam Hee. He received a BFA in Sculpture from Kyung won University.

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Yang Jung Uk