Past L.A. Exhibition

Why My Drawings Come From The West


  • Kim Eull

Aug 1 – Aug 29, 2015
Opening Reception
August 1, 6-8PM
BAIK Art, L.A.
2600 S. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca 90034

Press Release

Baik Art presents Why My Drawing Comes from The West, a solo exhibition of 6-boxed assemblages, 150 sketches and doodles, and one table with 150 figurines by Seoul-based artist Kim Eull. He will also include 12 drawings from the series Twilight Zone, ongoing since 2012, which depict the artist’s thoughts on the world around him through dreamlike interiors and landscapes.

He started his career as a jewelry designer before working as a carpenter and then a pastor. The physical and mental challenges of these disciplines prepared him for the philosophic inquiries that artists pose. Early on in his career, Kim painted self-portraits that were based on his family bloodline. By the end of 1990, he switched the direction of his practice from painting to drawing, and this shift began to reveal the characteristic aesthetic that is now associated with Kim Eull’s work.

Kim’s father was a calligrapher with an interest in Chinese language and culture. Kim has admitted that his introspective nature is a direct result of his father’s early lessons. Taoist philosophers Lao-Tzu and Chuang-Tzu have especially fascinated him. Although he is tethered to western aesthetics and culture, his artwork discloses an Asian sensibility. He once said that he wants his drawings to “Fly through the wind.”

Drawing is at the center of Kim Eull’s art practice. He sees the spirit of drawing as an attitude rather than a form that derives meaning from the traditions of its medium. He is among the generation of Korean artists to separate from the customs and routine practices of their predecesors. His interest in both figurative and investigational drawing has connected him with an inner life, which has inadvertently helped him to see the outer world more clearly. His drawings are like a compilation of carefully recorded journals that capture both worlds.

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