Power Grid Plus One Print

Power Grid Plus One Print


by Dane Picard

Date: 2016

Medium: 100 lb. French paper

Dimensions: 15.75 in. by 15.75 in.

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Baik Art presents a limited edition of 25 silkscreen prints by Los Angeles artist Dane Picard. The print shares its subject matter with Picard’s outdoor wall project, which is titled Power Grid Plus One. The wall project was completed in January 2016 and is currently on view at 2600 South La Cienega Boulevard. Picard has adopted Power Grid Plus One as his subject matter for this project. Power Grid Plus One refers to the artist’s ongoing interest with things technological, and how present-day technology has affected our biological and geological world environments. Picard has created an image that signals the multiplicity of choices and perspectives, which occupy this moment in time. While utilizing an image of a single canary to symbolize the natural world, he uses representations of electrical outlets set in the form of a gridded code to depict human’s impact on nature. This new limited edition print picks up on the idea of the power grid as a cultural phenomenon and confronts it by using the poetic elegance of something biological.