Park Kyung Ryul


Park Kyung Ryul


Park Kyung Ryul (born 1979) is a painter and illustrator from Seoul, South Korea. She received both her BFA and MFA from Hongik University, where she majored in painting and drawing. Park has shown extensively in Seoul at both renowned institutions such as the Hyundai Gallery, Seongbuk Museum of Art, and the Seoul Museum of Art, as well as in experimental spaces like Space Willing N Dealing, Beehive, and Common Center. Park’s work is rooted in the diaspora of memory – its fractalization within the unconscious and its warped transformations into waking life. Her You are Nothing series ventures into this diaphanous territory, as she captures vivid scenes from her imagination, and her projections into the mind of her ongoing protagonist – a naïve, young, serene, and tragic girl with a penchant for circles and birds. With sponsorship from the Seoul Foundation for the Arts, Park initiated a project with the Yongsan Dementia Center in 2013, where she conducted a series of interviews with patients at the clinic and collaborated with these women to capture their actual and fantasized memories into a series of dreamscapes. Her paintings and drawings vacillate between precise photo-realism, stylized still life, hurried sketches, and surrealist automatism. Park Kyung Ryul has received notable praise from the Etro Art Foundation, the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, and the Seoul Foundation for the Arts. She continues to remain active in the Seoul art world.

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