Aliansyah Caniago


Aliansyah Caniago


Born 1987 in Tangerang, Indonesia, Aliansyah Caniago (Alin) showed promise as both a painter and a performance artist during his studies of Art and Design at the Bandung Institute of Technology. Following his graduation in 2011, he enrolled in workshops with notable performance artists including Seiji Shimoda, Lee Wen and Boris Nieslony, and is currently training with Melati Suryodarmo.

As founder and participating artist at Ruang Gerilya, an artist collective space in Bandung which has hosted numerous panel discussions and artist workshops, Alin’s contributions have been recognized through the Bazaar Art Award Jakarta 2011, the Top Honor Indonesian Art Award in Jakarta 2015 and the Bandung Contemporary Art Award 2015.

Alin’s performances assume the form of creative activism: he has participated in interventions and site-specific performances, and has helped to build communities where art is fully imbued into social practice. His art has allowed him to access areas undergoing conflict and to engage with the affected peoples through his performances.

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